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Surmak Susmak

Surmak Susmak, who came from an artist family, also connected his working life to art and started his jewelry life in 1972. He grew up in the jewelry industry with a workshop culture and never lost his passion for workshops. Opened in 1980 with a store in the industry has shown that one of the ambitious, has turned its own name into a brand. Since the day he started working as a jeweler, he has put his signature under numerous designs and trained many artists. It is often mentioned with functional jewelry designs blended with engineering knowledge. In the jewelry sector, it has won awards both in Turkey and abroad and has carried its brand with care.

Awarded as the Grand Bazaar's living human treasure

Michael Susmak

Michael Susmak is the 2nd Generation representative of the company. He was born in 1991 in Istanbul. As Surmak Susmak, who is one of the artists of the jewelery sector, was the son of Susmak and grew up with art. While continuing his education years, he went to his workshops in Grand Bazaar at every opportunity and made himself fully equipped in Jewelry sector. He received training on precious stones in Belgium and USA and gained HRD and GIA expertise certificates. Since 2007, he continues to make special designs for his customers.

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